"This software was a spiritual rehabilitator"

Great introductory thing to do with any modern company that will help improve worker productivity and quality of life. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, and Capsule is a good way to get that help.

I enjoyed its creative nature and cited sources. Everything it provided was factual and relatable.  Also it has a built-in reminder schedule so I never felt off track. I know I’m a busy person but I never felt too busy for Capsule.

The Capsule program undeniably had a positive impact on me. Above all, it heightened my self-awareness and taught me how to enhance my social skills. Capsule started off by touching on self-awareness and regulation. Before completing these missions, I was aware of my strong organizational and planning skills. I enjoy taking charge in creating schedules and providing structure to both my life and others’. It was not until after completing Capsule Mission Six that I became more aware of my inappropriate behavior that comes about when something I arrange does not go as planned. Rather than reflecting on the problem and finding a way to readjust as I learned how to do in later missions, I would drop out of the situation and remain frustrated that it did not work out. Now, however, I know how to approach these circumstances in a way that will bring about more positive results.

What I will remember from this Capsule software is that I have the power over my emotions and that I can control how I let them affect me. The missions reminded me of that by providing examples of bad experiences and then providing a researched method to resolving the experiences. It also left open-ended questions for me to answer; this was the best part. I got a chance to reflect on what I related to as well as the advice the software provided.After every night of doing these assignments my spirit felt refreshed. Towards the end I had no problem completing the capsules because it felt like a weekly routine.

Doesn't matter if you're eighty years old or in middle school, Caspule would be beneficial. Even those who seem to have it all together, there is always something that can be learned from this.

I must say that this software was a spiritual rehabilitator for me. At first, I did not see the necessity of doing these interactives because I thought it made me overthink things. I began to slack on it a little until about the third mission, at that time the topics of emotion control and ways of thinking intrigued me. I was impressed with the situations it mentioned because I could really relate to them. It’s not like I was going through tough mental spaces, but it was helpful to think about past experiences that I’ve come from. I felt as though it made my demeanor stronger.

Useful alone, but even more so in a collaborative office setting. It shows that although we are all individually unique, we all have similar issues at one time or another and need ways to cope and deal with them in an appropriate manner. I think that it would be more beneficial to entire teams than individuals so that everyone in the situation has the opportunity to obtain the same knowledge and can be treated how they deserve to be treated. 

I believe this program is beneficial to everyone even if you are someone who is very emotionally aware and have great communication and connection with your peers. The program offers such a vast array of lessons everyone can take something valuable away from it.

I would recommend it to a friend because I would like to see them benefit from it as much as I did. I would also like to recommend it to connect with people and share and compare experiences with others whom I introduce the program to.

I would definitely recommend Capsule to others. As this program sparked growth within me, I know it will do the same for my friends and coworkers. In today’s world, time seems to be going by faster and faster. One reason for this is an increase in opportunities and responsibilities that come with age. Despite how busy we may be, Capsule provides a quick and easy way for us to dedicate time to reflect on our everyday thoughts and actions, which is essential to fostering development. Capsule is a convenient resource beneficial to all individuals, so I urge all to set aside a few minutes a day to utilize this program.

My first impression of the program was that it was a bit corny, but as I proceeded to utilize the program I realized how useful it would become to me. My opinion slowly started to change and I began to look forward to using it weekly.

I gained several very valuable tips from this in each important aspect of life. It's allowed me to become a better version of myself. I liked how it was very specific to different moods and roles in life and provided great insight on how to correct these things or improve them.

At first I was really skeptical. I didn't know why I needed it and how it would benefit my learning, but after I was quite impressed by the program. Some of the topics and some of the questions were difficult to answer (as they should be).

If unsure about this program, I strongly recommend you to take it. I think many people could benefit from using this platform to express their thoughts and to let out some stress. I would especially recommend this to my friends in intense and stressful environments. When extremely busy you can let your mental health fall second, and by doing this course, you always have somewhere to get advice and to let out stress.

I can definitely say that the program has helped me. One of the things it really helped me with was understanding my feelings and how to correctly cope with them, rather than shutting them out. I also really liked how it incorporated some videos which were very relatable and offered further advice on each situation.

I felt a bit rushed by how short the information was. Overall I found this app helpful, but it’s not for everyone.

What I appreciated most about Capsule is how it incorporated psychology throughout its lessons. Having taken psychology in my degree, I already have a background in behavioral, clinical, and social psychological concepts. Because of this, I found it intriguing to see what I learned tie into my own life and hypothetical situations both in and out of the workplace.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in using Capsule. Having weekly due dates allowed me to dedicate enough time to each mission and absorb what I learned. I looked forward to completing missions, because it gave me the opportunity to think about my thoughts and actions on a deeper level, which seems to be difficult for me to do on a regular basis.

Instrumentally helpful in goal setting. I thoroughly read through that mission and actually practiced the tips that it gave me, and I definitely saw significant improvements.

I'm an engineer, and believe that being a strong leader is an important quality in my field. This section of the curriculum helped me become a stronger leader than I previously was.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend or colleague. If someone, like me, doesn't well express and respond to feelings and emotions and is never introduced to this curriculum, they may never address that issue.

This curriculum opens you up to new ideas about yourself and how to handle certain situations better. Everyone should do it to reflect on themselves and try to improve themselves.

Unique teaching method. A little bit of reading, and then had you answer journaling questions. Was a very interactive style of trying to help people grow. I liked how it gave you the science behind what it was trying to teach you, so that it was not just some random website telling you what to do.

Helped me develop useful skills to be able to communicate with other people. Also taught me how to look at my emotions and see the reasoning behind why I am feeling that way, and how to fix it through cognitive behavioral therapy.

I get that it's quick and convenient, but I wish we'd had more group discussions (we only did it online). They seem to offer this for teams but it isn't something mine did.

Not only teaches skills for communication and dealing with the stressors of everyday life but also in interpersonal relations with friends, family, and even our significant other. Personally, it helped me identify my bad habits and helped me improve my communication with my girlfriend.

Helped with my organization, interpersonal relationships, and also in dealing with stress. Taught me how to set reasonable goals and set a roadmap for how I want to reach those goals.

After Capsule, I talk out all of the problems I have with my family, friends, and significant others before they become a problem. I’ve also improved on using less words of contempt even if I do not mean the things I say.

I think the program could be more helpful if we connected it to weekly meetings. My group did it online solo and I think talking about it would have learnings more salient.

This program helped me identify my mood at any given time. I have greater emotional control and as a result it's helped me with my stress and my perfectionism.

A good way to improve yourself, your self-esteem, and self-confidence. It does a good job of providing real-world examples and data to back up what it is trying to teach, which adds to the program's credibility and makes me more receptive to what it’s trying to teach.

A lot of good information and techniques that everyone could benefit from. It has helped me in many different areas, and I think anyone who took this course would benefit from it too.

Capsule started to become an outlet for me to write down my thoughts and feelings in a place only I can access. I'm grateful I found this!

Capsule was a very useful tool. There were times I thought it was going to be a waste of my time. This was not the case. I was very pleased with the overall outcomes of completing each capsule mission.

Already a psychology junkie, so the program reminded me of some things and taught me some new things along the way. It was very interesting to learn about the background and research behind all of the different subjects.

Some of the main takeaways that I will most likely use in the future are to take a step back and see how you are reacting to a situation, do not feed into their rage or sadness or whatever their reaction may be and respond appropriately instead of emotionally.

Mission four sticks with me the most and I'll be using those techniques for years to come. Minimize regret and maximize your time because you only get one shot at life.

At first I didn't know what this would be, so didn't take it seriously. I was surprised after completing the first few Capsules that I was actually following along and learning something new about myself after each capsule. My intentions about this program changed right away. Not only did it help me, but thousands of others around the world. It’s obvious why teachers are starting to use this program to help their students stay organized and concentrate in class by solving problems that they might have outside of the classroom.

My friends have mental health issues, and I feel like Capsule could potentially help them because they don’t have to talk about their problems to a person but instead just type out how they are feeling.

I enjoyed these missions because they are fully confidential so you can write anything without feeling embarrassed. This confidentially allows you to be honest for every question that is asked - they are quite personal and could catch some people off guard.

I would recommend this program to a friend but not to everyone. In order to really get anything out of the program you have to want to - takes some real motivation to dig deep vs. just click through.

Doing Capsule taught me the importance of being an active listener. Attentively listening to others when interacting gives them the reassurance that I care about their thoughts, which is key to building strong, trusting relationships.

Didn't disappoint. It fulfilled its purpose in providing me with greater self-insight and provoking personal growth.

I learned ways to cope with issues - some of which I did not even realize I had, but were only uncovered as this program made me dig deeper into my emotions. After I realized I had these self-conflicts, the program helps by suggesting techniques and exercises that can resolve.

I thought that it was a great experience and good tool to be aware of your psychological feelings and habits to better improve and grow as a person in general and towards your career.

Made me more aware and connected to my emotions. Touched on a bunch of different subjects of interpersonal relationships as well as your own emotions. Surprisingly comprehensive.

This is something I would definitely recommend for my peers. I say that because it is great to consult with yourself to address your emotions. I believe that is actually imperative because if one doesn’t take that self-initiative to see if something’s wrong you can’t expect another person to. Capsule will make you look into yourself and check your emotions. We put on an image that we're ok when in reality that isn’t always the case. Capsule made me remember that I just need to check on myself and make sure that I’m alright and that’s all that matters.

Helpful topics but didn't appreciate how personal the prompts were and didn't write in them.

I really enjoyed it because it gave me an opportunity to sit down, relax, and reflect on my life in a safe environment. At first it sounded like busy work, but even just after the first mission I realized that it was already putting me in a healthier mindset.

I particularly liked how it was structured. It gave statistics and facts behind its reasoning of why our minds think the way they do. It made me feel more normal for having the emotions and struggles I have in everyday life, and it taught me how to positively deal with the hard times. It not only gives you suggestions on how to make situations better, it gives you the option to discuss the struggles and reason through them yourself.

I would definitely recommend this program to some of my friends and colleagues. I know it has helped me in my daily life and I know of a few people who would really benefit from the capsule missions. However, I would not recommend it to all of my friends and colleagues.  Some already use most of the strategies that are presented in the capsule program, and others just would not find it beneficial. We all work differently and while some might find the missions and the program very rewarding, others might not see it in the same light.

Would recommend to a friend or colleague. It does a good job of teaching you how to be a stable person, and everyone needs that.

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