Holiday Gift Guide for Every Love Language

Stressing over what to get your significant other this holiday? Worry not! Our annual love-language gift guide is here. According to Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, everyone prefers a certain way to show and receive affection. This year, give your loved one a gift that appeals to their love language to really hit a home run. Ready to think like a great gift-giver? Put yourself in their shoes and take the 5 Love Languages test. Then, check out the perfect gift for each below.

Acts of Service

Make cleaning a breeze with an EcoVac, an affordable version of the popular Roomba. This Amazon alternative makes sweeping a stage event. It’s self-charging, maps out your entire apartment, and connects to your phone for easy controls even while you’re at work. Bonus: you’ll get to appeal to those who enjoy quality time and touch, because with this little guy doing the dirty work, you’ll have more free time to cuddle on the couch with a bottle of wine. Users say: “I used to vacuum at least every other day. Now I vacuum maybe 1x a month. Also: This thing is fun. Did you know that it has a remote that let's you drive it like a remote control car? The thing has paid for itself in babysitting alone.” Ecovacs DEEBOT

Words of Affirmation

01. Remember trading love notes in class? Well, now you can go back to learning and share words together. Half relationship-course, half online journal, half message-sharing machine, Capsule’s online/mobile program will help you learn how to love, fight, and communicate better. Bonus: this will also appeal to those who like acts of service and quality time, as it teaches how to manage everything from stressful work situations to self-doubt in only five hours. Buy one for yourself, and one for your hubby. Users say: “This helped my 7-year marriage. Worth thousands of dollars of therapy and many more hours.” Capsule Online Course

Quality Time

01. Did you know? Couples with rituals stay together for longer. Sharing an espresso each morning is a great way to sneak in some quality time without breaking the bank. Bonus: drink it on the couch while cuddling, making for a perfect time + touch combo. When we think about it, making coffee can even be an act of service and a gift! Users say: “The small size is perfect and we've saved so much money making coffees better than we can find in most local shops. In about a minute (or less) you can have an amazing cup of espresso.” Nespresso by De'Longhi Espresso Machine, $174.

Physical Touch

03. Deliver sweet dreams, even when you aren’t around. Traveling or living apart? Sometimes you can’t be there to sling your arm over your loved one as big spoon. Gift them these affordable weighted blankets for all the warmth of a cuddle. Bonus: weighted blankets have also been shown to help with stress and anxiety, so you’re lending a helping hand as an act of service with this useful gift. Luna Weighted Blanket


01. Gift a gift that keeps giving. With a subscription box, your loved one will feel the thrill of your gift every month over a whole year! Birchbox has plenty of options for both men and women, from skincare to grooming. Not only are they personalized to your loved one’s skin or hair type, but also it saves them a trip to purchase these everyday essentials, adding a nice perk for those who value quality time and acts of service! Birchbox

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