"The quality of professional coaching, at a speed and price point affordable for single teams and scaling startups."

-- Nick Alexander, Co-Founder, YOSHI

Sales is tough.

Capsule makes you tougher.

Do you manage a team? 

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  • Prevent burnout for resilient SDRs

  • Train empathetic, solution-selling AEs

  • Attract & retain: 93% would stay longer at a company that invests in their development


"At first I was skeptical, but then I was like wow, everyone needs this. I kept screen-shotting pages to my friends!"

-- Sam, Sales Development, Saas Tech

What is Capsule?

Capsule is a comprehensive sales development crash-course and data delivery platform.


Built for the impatient Type-A, high-performing sales teams use Capsule for scalable resilience & communication training at a fraction of the time and price of coaching or workshops.

What can Capsule do for sales reps?

Master the problems that take up productive mindspace and keep you from connecting with customers. 139+ studies are boiled into 9 essential topics:


Mental/emotional health, self-awareness, goal-setting, time management, decision-making, mind-body connectivity, relationships, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Get assessments and save insights to your private time capsule to keep growing from SDR, to AE, to Director.

Because both mental health & great managers start with self-management

For Managers: Get a pulse without lifting a finger

Heatmap on an aggregate level how your people feel and what they want to know, then let us push out new content in a scalable, private way. Whether DEI or communication skills, no guesswork. No time-consuming seminars. No expensive conferences. 

Because persuasive communicators start with self-awareness

& if desired, in-person community

Practice authentic leadership with a team. Don't compete against your teammates -- compete with yourself. Take the #CapsuleChallenge and pick a metric: call and email data, for example. We'll move the needle on your sales skills, or your money back. 

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Because, take it from a former hedge fund investor:

You are your best investment

After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and six years of finance, I was disappointed to see so many high achievers, myself included, put themselves last. 

Today, my mission is to help us manage the one investment we often take for granted.

We have one life. Together, let's make it our best adventure.

Jasmine Chen

Capsule Creator

I would compare the value I got from Capsule to a series of books and therapists that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars (and many more hours).

The content is second to none.

Very high bandwidth and efficient.

Nick Alexander,

Co-Founder & CEO, YOSHI