If you could go back in time, what would you change?

Capsule is our no-regrets course.

Take it from a former investor: You are your best investment.

After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and years of finance, I've been disappointed to see so many high achievers, myself included, put themselves last.

Personal problems affect professional performance. Without learning about and addressing root causes, dealing poorly with difficulties, from university through our first jobs and relationships, becomes a hard-to-fix habit. How much time could we save if we were excellent managers of our self-doubts, decisions, relationships? How much more effectively could we then manage others?

Self-awareness is one of the most important keys to success. Yet, society places an unfair onus on parents to teach children the emotional literacy many were never exposed to themselves. Capsule's mission is scalable training for common literacy among those with whom we communicate most often: our colleagues and classmates in companies and schools. Then, we can bring that training home.

Would our marriages be longer-lasting if we learned relationship science at 18 rather than 58? Would our careers be more fulfilling if we made purposeful, value-driven decisions from day one? If entire companies or campuses had a simple, scalable solution to train everyone in common self-and-other management skills, could we decrease misunderstandings and help friends help one another?

I'm an impatient, Type-A introvert. That's why I created Capsule, a private, efficient, affordable soft skills & self-development journey. Part comprehensive course & online journal, part in-person authentic leadership practice, part anonymous and personalized service, we aim to be the stitch in time that saves nine, inclusive of all populations, including those like me who don't take to therapy or coaching.

We have one life. With Capsule, let's make it our best adventure.


Jasmine Chen

Capsule Creator

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