Capsule: for campus-wide common literacy

Comprehensive, customizable, mobile social-emotional learning -

preventive health and proactive career development to live your best adventure

to experience firsthand the curriculum that helps students manage anger, anxiety, dating, & academics


+ Customizable

What distracts you from class? We'll bet it's one of the 9 areas we cover, from mental/emotional management to dating and conflicts.

guided introspection

With 139+ cited studies, this is not a fluffy online journal. Still, students say these lessons "are unlike any personality test I've taken, and stick longer than if simply handed to you." That's the power this private journey provides.



Spend smarter on prevention. Reaching just one more student can mean more safety for all. Think of us like a flu shot and an investment in emotional intelligence -- important academically, socially, and professionally.



The Capsule Core course is short and can be done solo in only a few hours. However, ongoing practice is best. With broad adoption, students can opt-in to mentorships and group discussions​ for deeper connections.

Deceptively simple, 

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Short cited snippets

+ Immediate introspection

+ Ongoing retrieval

= Behavior shift

Recommended time:

  • Assigned pre-orientation (~5 hours max)

  • Ongoing reminders, Q&A service, and more throughout the school year

Connect the Ecosystem

Privacy is Paramount

How do we give schools insight without compromising privacy?

Capsule gives content and data

Common language

+ Constant pulse

+ Custom content

= Culture shift

We provide:

  • Measurement

  • Marketing

  • New content based on what students ask

Easy to purchase & assign

Aggregate mood & Q&A reporting

Assessment of learning objectives

Engagement & anxiety benchmarking

Administrator or professor? 

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Try before you buy for your campus. We're confident you'll want to pay Capsule forward, and we're most interested in hearing how we can best help you.

Ideal for:

  • Counseling & Psychological Services for prevention & 24/7 mobile wellness

  • Housing & Student Life to heatmap data on aggregate anxiety & moods based on location

  • ​STEM classrooms to supplement soft skills desired by employers

  • Career Services to develop emotional intelligence & long-term planning

Contact us for 10 pages of student reflections from four successful university pilots.   

Student Success

After multiple university pilots, we believe Capsule is best assigned to a class or during pre-orientation, when students have time to digest.

Faculty Experience

Save time and lives with an off-the-shelf solution. we supplement counseling, peer coaching, classrooms, and career services.

Attract & Connect

Parents sleep more soundly knowing all students have learned life-skills. Involve alumni. When role models talk, students listen.


Writing in Capsule is optional and private. Only Q&A will be attached to your account.


Anonymous assessments show progress. Aggregate-only data preserves privacy.


Share what you wish in self-managed teams. Norms and prompts guide behavior.

In stressful situations, we tend to blame ourselves or other people because we cannot control our emotions. After Mission 8: Fighting Well, Loving Well,  I can better control my anger  and manage myself.

Bhargav, 23, Bradley University

Adryan Barlia


Business management & digital marketing @ NYU

Capsule makes me think about self-improvement tools that I never saw myself having time for. Working through the program, I started to realize that things I thought took a lot of effort, take almost no effort at all, once I have a train of thought planned out for me!

Ivani Deshpande


Human resources & Economics @ Rutgers

I like Capsule's mission because it stimulates and incentivizes students to reach their highest potential.

Mahogany Lambert


Graduate of Arizona State University, Art & Design


Self-development is just as important as career development. Capsule is a short and simple course that teaches how improve the self. It has given me more confidence in my abilities and excitement for my future.

A product students are proud to use

Meet our student advisory team

Angelie Rasmussen


Communication & journalism @ Utah Valley University

I’ve always had a passion for both the holistic and scientific. I believe our physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health are all interconnected. Here at Capsule, we’ve found a way to attend to each of these aspects using innovative, scientific research for overall wellness and development.

Amber Causey

Web marketing

Media & web design

@ University of Maryland


I am currently working on my second bachelor's degree. My first degree was all about survival and making it to graduation. With the life skills I now have, I am ready to take on the world. I love working with Capsule, because they are teaching these life skills conveniently for everyone–wherever they are in their life’s journey. 

Pauline Bulala


Nutrition science & psychology @ NC State University

I promote Capsule’s incredible mission on social media and tailor it to students’ unique experiences and needs. I am passionate about what Capsule is offering -- quick yet comprehensive lessons about self-development that most classrooms don’t teach but are so vital and valuable to know!

Sam Huang


Cognitive science & data science @ UCSD

I work to make Capsule an engaging and delightful experience. To me, Capsule bridges the gap between “book smarts” and “street smarts.” In my free time, you can catch me being silly jamming on drums or running around with nerf guns.

Magdalynne Serson


Graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design

I love visualizing and capturing a story with my images, and aim to someday do so as a freelancer. Capsule is an amazing tool for coping with emotions. It's helpful to learn and understand what is happening within yourself.

Josh Lam


Spanish & translation studies @ Ithaca College

Capsule cares about the actual student. They're really here to help you strive and move forward no matter who you are. Even beyond that, the skills they teach you are more than about being a student. They're about living life.