A short soft-skills course for

busy professionals

Develop your team at a fraction of the time, effort and price

Science-backed self-improvement

Capsule is a 9-topic course covering the self-awareness that often separates successful careers and relationships from ones that flounder:

  • Mental / emotional management  

  • Goal-setting & decision-making

  • Relationships & communication

  • Leadership & self-awareness

Soft skills -- so, what?

89% of talent professionals report that when new hires don't work out, it’s because they lack critical soft skills.

The problem? Soft skills are often the last things we think about -- until we need them in the moment.

139+ studies in under 3 hours

We scoured thousands of dense academic papers and brought you only the most valuable. Then, we went a step further and condensed it into snippet-sized bullet points. 

No boring videos. Self-pace for speed or choose our 9-week option for spaced practice & structured support.

Affordable & efficient

For your entire team. Don't have $200+ / hour to spend on coaches or therapists?

Take Capsule solo, or, join in-person Capsule Crews for meaningful conversations, feedback and community.

Hours to complete

The personal development training of a big company at a start-up-friendly price-point.

This is really helpful to me. I have struggled with depression and anxiety and haven't seen any interactive modules like this. There is info included that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Mike, 41

I didn't expect this to be comprehensive or thorough. The authors really have a talent for taking a lot of complex information and presenting it in a simple and concise manner.

Jason, 36