A Scalable Employee Development Solution

For communication, collaboration, resilience, and relationships

Remote work - Holistic wellness - Just-in-time problem-solving

Ongoing practice, for deep learning

Workshops, retreats, and conferences are over day-of. Without ongoing reflection and retrieval, we lose 40% of learning immediately and 80% just days later. Capsule's continuous practice makes learning stick.

Efficient & scalable, for common communication

Whether remote teams or scaling companies, maintain a consistent culture with common, asynchronous training. Onboard and open new offices with Capsule. Without such shared literacy, feedback may well fall on deaf ears.  

Private & together, for diversity & community

Offering therapy caters to those with a certain level of openness. Introverts: we know jumping into that can be tough. Capsule creates a safe space. Our online course is private. Then, moderated group discussions strengthen team connections.

Data, and custom content to address it

See how your people feel with anonymous mood tracking. Then, do something about the data. Capsule is your personal research concierge, pushing out new content to address Q&A, from change management to remote norms.



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