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Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies $550 billion a year. 

Capsule teaches you to manage the things that distract.

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Our comprehensive development curriculum touches:




61% of employees have made healthier lifestyle choices because of a company’s wellness program.

"We started offering therapy but saw little uptake. Capsule could capture those more private and take the burden off our leadership, who often act as Cheif Therapists."



100,000 & 100 employee-large firms lose $62M & $420K/yr due to poor communication.

Capsule was first used by STEM graduate students whose team projects were a source of stress. Post-Capsule, team productivity doubled over historical years.



89% of people at firms with well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their workplaces.

80% of survey respondents were more interested in working for companies sponsoring Capsule, and described such firms as innovative, proactive, effective.

Deceptively simple, 

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Short cited snippets

+ Immediate introspection

+ Ongoing retrieval

= Behavior shift

Recommended time:

  • 1 hr/day for 1 wk to speed through

  • 1 mission/week (9 total) to solidify

"After Capsule, I can better manage my anger and anxiety. Everyone needs this."

Capsule gives content and data

Common language

+ Constant pulse

+ Curated content

= Culture shift

We provide:

  • Measurement

  • Marketing

  • New content based on what your employees ask

Easy to purchase & assign

Aggregate mood & Q&A reporting

Assessment of learning objectives

Engagement & anxiety benchmarking

"The authors really have a talent for taking a lot of complex info and presenting it in a simple & concise manner."

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Used by:

  • Scaling startups for an efficient alternative to therapy or coaching

  • Sales teams for empathetic solution-sellers & top-talent retention

  • ​Engineering teams for leveling-up rising leaders  


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"All the missions tie together for self-awareness, something that's never been made obvious to me in other management courses."