Capsule: Science-Backed Cognitive Training

Master your mind & Manage your life 

With a hedge fund investor and Harvard Business School graduate

Spend 5 hours. Save 52.

Ruminating on problems for just 1 hour a week, whether due to self-defeating thoughts, a relationship conflict, or a regretful decision = 52 wasted hours / yr.


If there were a sub-5-hour program that could save 52, isn’t that an obvious ROI?

Master your Mind

Capsule is a cognitive training product that enables users to reflect on 9 core life topics that separate successful careers and relationships from ones that flounder.


These include the heuristics that often make us do and say certain things, and what being a leader takes.

Ongoing mobile practice and responsive Q&A makes for a deep learning experience, more lasting than workshops, more private than coaching, as personal as therapy.

Manage your Life

142+ studies covering:

Mental/Emotional Management -- Self-Awareness -- Values & Goal-Setting -- Regret & Time Management -- Decision-Making -- Mind-Body Health -- Relationships -- Conflict Resolution -- Leadership & teamwork

Forming an interactive time capsule journal to keep growing throughout your whole career.

"This course should come with a warning. It doesn't sugarcoat. I didn't take it seriously at first. But once I did, it helped in a huge way. Everyone needs this."

Because, take it from a former hedge fund investor:

You are your best investment

After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and six years of finance, I was disappointed to see so many high achievers, myself included, still dealing ineffectively with issues that take up precious mindspace. ​​

Today, my mission is to help us manage the one investment we often take for granted: ourselves.

Jasmine Chen

Capsule Creator


I would compare the value I got from Capsule to a series of books and therapists that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars (and many more hours).

The content is second to none.

Very high bandwidth and efficient.

Nick Alexander,

Co-Founder & CEO, YOSHI

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KPIs you track at work -- Relationship satisfaction -- Anxious thoughts

We guarantee Capsule will move the needle, or your money back.