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89% of hires fail due to a lack of soft skills, not hard skills. This is especially true of sales, where managing yourself and your clients is everything.

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Capsule: The online comprehensive soft skills crash-course


Don't have $200/hr to spend on career coaches?


We don't, either. We boil dense research into snippet reading. Learn the science-backed strategies behind successful careers and relationships.

10% more effective


Satisfaction guarantee. From CEOs to Directors, users say this is the most cohesive management course they've ever taken. Become an empathetic solution-seller and expert communicator.

Recommended time: 1 hr/day for 1 week


"Turns my A-Players into A+ Players" 

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The Curriculum

Mission 1

Manage Yourself

Self-management and growth mindset; mobile CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Mission 2

Mark your Path

Make sense of your life story. Learn why it matters and define challenges and core crucibles

Mission 3

Goal Get 'Em

Frameworks for discovering what you really want, why, and how you can achieve it

Mission 4


From time management to love and education, learn what we regret and what to do about it

Mission 5


How do you make tough choices? Research, rank, and review in a structured way

Mission 6

Body = Brain

How do they affect one another? Feel better from the inside out, from diet to sleep to body image

Mission 7


Why do we connect with people the way we do? How can you change your style?

Mission 8

Loving & Fighting

Communication skills for both personal and workplace collboration & conflicts

Mission 9


Give and receive feedback, exude warmth and competence, act with authenticity

The Method

Because working on yourself shouldn't feel like work

1 hour a day for 1 week is all it takes to move the needle 10%.



Built for those with tiny attention spans, Capsule can be done in as little as 3 hours in one sitting. However, most users get the most out of ongoing introspection.


Retrieving memories makes learning stick. Save goals, decisions, & moods to an online journal, revisiting why you felt that way or made that call.


Have a question? Don't waste time scouring Google. Ask and we'll add research based on your queries.


Personal data is always private. However, data on your entire sales team can help managers anticipate issues and employees voice issues anonymously.

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