A short self-development course to reduce stress and anxiety.


Take it from a hedge fund investor: you are your best investment. 

Take Back Your Mind.

Jasmine Chen, Capsule Creator

Your mind is your greatest asset

Or your greatest value trap

As a troubled teen, my life could have turned out very differently. Yet, I went from a small town in Iowa to Princeton, Harvard Business School, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Investing, before founding my own company.


Through it all, I've seen so many high achievers deal ineffectively with the issues that take up our precious mindspace, allowing anxious thoughts and poor decisions to derail their relationships, achievement, and happiness.

How much time could we save if we were excellent managers of self-doubts, setbacks? Would our marriages be longer-lasting if we learned relationship science at 18 rather than 58?

My role at a hedge fund was to take a vast amount of research and analysis, and triangulate it into high-ROI action. Today, that skill set is being used to manage your best investment: you.

This program should come with a warning. It helped in a huge way. Everyone needs this.

No one teaches this in school.

Yet, it's essential for work.

Capsule is an online / mobile mental health and self-and-other management training teaching 9 core subjects separating successful careers and relationships. For high-performing, happy, healthy teens.

Master your: Mind & emotions, values & goals, time & regrets, tough decisions, stress, & relationships. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is less than 1% of what we teach.

At first I was skeptical. But wow, I've shared it with my friends and my boyfriend. Now, we talk about issues before they become a problem.

For Short Attention Spans:

Crash-Course + Ongoing Practice.

142+ studies in 5 hrs.

Our efficient, mobile program takes less than 5 hours to complete and saves you at least 1 hour of ruminating per week, or 52 hours a year, a huge ROI on time.


Solidify learning with continual practice on interactive worksheets. Measure growth with year-round metric-tracking. Compared by users to thousands of dollars of therapy.

Much can be gained from self-reflection. Capsule lessons will stick longer than if simply handed to you. I love that it doesn't tell you what to do, but gives you the tools to determine those answers for yourself.

I would compare the value I got from Capsule to a series of books and therapists that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars (and many more hours).

The content is second to none.

Very high bandwidth and efficient.

Nick Alexander,

Co-Founder & CEO, YOSHI