Successful Careers & Relationships Start With You

KPI-based self-development course + Just-in-Time coaching service

for holistic wellness, work productivity, and lasting relationships

Create hyper-effective teams and culture that scales. Create your Capsule.

Comprehensive Personal Development: 1 Course. 9 Topics. 3 Goals:

Manage Stress & Anxiety

1. Banish anxious thoughts with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

2. Develop self-awareness through telling your story

3. Manage stress & self-doubt, from a healthy body to body image

Improve Work Productivity

1. Manage time & minimize regret

2. Make calculated decisions, from processes to mental heuristics

3. Design a fulfilling life through core values and goal-setting science

Build Lasting Relationships

1. Relate better to others by changing your attachment style

2. Resolve conflicts and learn to love with emotional intelligence

3. Motivate, lead, and mentor with authenticity

Step 1: Prepare with Private, On-Demand Learning Software

Soft skills account for 98% of career successes vs. failures. Both mental health and great managers start with the self-management Capsule teaches.

142+ studies. 5 hrs to start. Year-long to solidify. Most self-development doesn't work: here's how we fix that. Compared to therapy at a fraction of the time & price.

Unique method. The lessons from Capsule are sure to stick longer than if simply handed to you.

Step 2: Practice with Authentic Leadership Sessions


More lasting than workshops. More affordable than coaching. Ongoing group sessions foster trust and community by applying course learnings to work and life. Don't wait until your next retreat: team-build year-round.

I've never experienced something like this with ANY team I've been part of - truly was amazing. Thank you.

Step 3: Problem-Solve with a Company-Wide Solution for a Common Language

If not everyone is trained the same way, feedback may well fall on deaf ears. Prevent miscommunication and improve collaboration, from new hires to CEOs.


24/7 data & just-in-time custom content provides both insight and the science-baked answers to address it, from DEI to change management.

Have a question? Don't scour Google. Your ask is our research assignment. We push new content anonymously, because we'll bet if one person has a query, many others are wondering the same.

Useful alone, but even more so in a collaborative office setting. Capsule shows that although we are all individually unique, we all have similar issues and need ways to cope and deal with them in an appropriate manner. In entire teams, everyone in the situation can obtain the same knowledge and be treated how they deserve to be treated. 

For Differentiated Self-Development

After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and years of finance, I was at a hedge fund, conducting a vast amount of analysis to discover those golden nuggets of opportunity that others miss.​

When I studied the mental health space, I found that what is common today - CBT and meditation - comprised less than 1% of our full wellness picture. We lacked a more holistic toolkit.

When I studied the management space, I saw executive coaching and DEI workshops that had limited reach and failed to create lasting change. We lacked consistent, KPI-based practice, and scalable, just-in-time solutions.​


So, I set out to change that. Immense research has gone into what is now a copyrighted, comprehensive curriculum and proprietary program. Mobile, interactive, metric-driven, and on-demand, our 9 topics help you manage your best investment: you.

Jasmine Chen, Capsule Creator

I would compare the value I got from Capsule to a series of books and therapists that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars (and many more hours).

The content is second to none.

Very high bandwidth and efficient.

Nick Alexander,

Co-Founder & CEO, YOSHI