Capsule: Your Self-Development Journey

Comprehensive, science-backed soft skills crash-course for the impatient type-A

For common literacy in companies & schools

a space capsule to explore your inner world

a time capsule to see how you've grown

a vitamin capsule for successful careers & relationships


What is Capsule?

Capsule is a comprehensive self-development crash-course and data delivery platform.


Built for the impatient & Type-A, individual go-getters, sales teams, engineering teams, and full companies use Capsule for scalable resilience & communication training at a fraction of the time and price of therapy, coaching, or workshops.

What can Capsule do for me?

Master the problems that take up productive mindspace. 139+ studies are boiled into 9 essential topics:


Mental/emotional health, self-awareness, goal-setting, time management, decision-making, mind-body connectivity, relationships, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Soft-skills assessments, snippet reading, an interactive journal, mood tracker, and Q&A service keep you growing over your whole career.

Because both mental health & great managers start with self-management

For Companies: Capsule is both content creator & data provider

89% of hires fail due to lack of soft skills, not hard skills. Capsule not only gives company-wide insight into soft-skill competencies, employee engagement, mood, anxiety, and top-of-mind Q&A, but we also create custom content to address the problems we uncover.


Heatmap on an aggregate level how your people feel and what they want to know, then let us push out new content in a scalable, private way. No guesswork. No time-consuming workshops. No expensive conferences. 

Because strong cultures start with self-aware leaders

For Schools: Capsule is prevention and 24/7 mobile care


Would our marriages be longer-lasting if we learned relationship science at 18 instead of 58? Would our careers be more fulfilling if we made value-driven decisions from day one? If entire campuses had common literacy, could we better help friends help one another?


That's our mission. A comprehensive wellness & career-prep curriculum, slotted easily into freshman orientation, for students to continue growing over four formative years.

Because safe campuses start with common literacy

& if desired, in-person community

Practice authentic leadership with a team. Whether for remote teams battling loneliness, companies shifting cultures, or just another way for already-amazing teams to bond, Capsule comes in to present, prompt, and moderate.

Curious about getting your team on the #CapsuleChallenge?

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Get ahead. Give back.

80% of surveyed students are more interested in working for companies sponsoring self-development.


With $550B lost to disengaged employees each year, developing people is both good mentorship and good business.

Still, many schools and community groups can't afford preventive wellness or proactive career development. Your Capsule Pro purchase sponsors a Capsule Core (student version) to a school or youth program of your choice.

for next-generation perspectives

Read our

Because, take it from a former hedge fund investor:

You are your best investment

After Princeton, Harvard Business School, and six years of finance, I was disappointed to see so many high achievers, myself included, put themselves last. 

Today, my mission is to help us manage the one investment we often take for granted.

We have one life. Together, let's make it our best adventure.

Jasmine Chen

Capsule Creator

Because you are your best investment

I would compare the value I got from Capsule to a series of books and therapists that would have cost hundreds or thousands of dollars (and many more hours).

The content is second to none.

Very high bandwidth and efficient.

Nick Alexander,

Co-Founder & CEO, YOSHI